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Kivalina, AK | Bering AirBering Air operates regular flights to and from the village of Kivalina.

Population: 290

Location: On a barrier beach between the Chukchi Sea and Kivalina Lagoon, 90 miles north of Kotzebue. Closest village to Red Dog Port.

Long cold winters and cool summers. The Chukchi Sea is frozen from November through June. Annual precipitation is about 8 inches, with about 55 inches of snow.

Visitor Facilities:
No hotel, restaurant, or banking services. There is a Laundromat available. The Kivalina Native Store sells groceries and supplies. The only Whaling Community in the Northwest Arctic Region.

City of Kivalina, P.O. Box 50079, Kivalina, AK 99750. (907)645-2137

Village Agent:
Qatuk Wesley 907-328-9057

For reservations, call 1-800-478-3943 or (907)442-3943

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