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Little Diomede

Bering Air | Little DiomedeBering Air operates regular flights to Little Diomede only a few months of each year. The only runway available at the village is one plowed into the frozen sea ice.
When the sea is thawed, Diomede is only accessible by boat and helicopter.

Population: 160

Location: On the west coast of Little Diomede Island, in the Bering Strait, 130 miles northwest of Nome, 80 miles northwest of Teller.

Maritime when Strait is ice-free, June through November. When the Strait freezes, there is a shift to an ‘inland’ climate, with temperatures dropping significantly. Average snowfall is 35 inches, annual precipitation roughly 10 inches. Winter temperatures average between 10 below (F) and 10 above.
Summer temperatures run between 40 and 50 degrees F.

Visitor Facilities:
One room with an efficiency kitchen is available through Inalik Native Corporation (907)686-3221and there are no restaurant or banking services available. Laundromat with showers is available. Some groceries and hunting/fishing supplies available through the Diomede Native Store. Visit Sistugs Store. The people of Diomede are excellent ivory carvers. Carvings and Native crafts can be purchased on the island, and are often sold in Nome.

City of Diomede, Diomede, AK 99762. (907)686-3071

Village Agent: Dora Ahkinga (907)686-4536

For reservations, call (907)443-5464 or 1-800-478-5422

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