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Bering Air operates regular cargo and passenger flights to the village of Noatak.

Population: 495

Location:  Noatak is the only village on the Noatak River.  During the summer we get rafters from all over the world that raft down the Noatak River.  The trip takes about three to four weeks.  Also during the fall season, hunters are hunting caribou, bear or moose.  Fishing is good for trout, white fish, salmon and grayling.

Noatak is on the border between continental and transitional climate zones.  Winters are long and cold.  Summers are warm.  10-13 inches of precipitation annually, including 48 inches of snow.

Visitor Facilities:
No hotel, restaurant, Laundromat, or banking services available. There are a couple of small snack shops in town. Arrangements can be made to sleep at the school, or in private homes. Groceries and supplies are available at the Noatak Native store- hours of operation are 8am-6pm.

Noatak Village Council, Box 89, Noatak, Alaska  99761. (907)485-2172. Noatak is an unincorporated village with our own tribal council.

Village Agent:
Matthew Shy 907-444-9159 Mon-Fri, or David Mills (907)485-2165 Sat & Sun

For reservations, call 1-800-478-3943 or (907)442-3943

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