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April 22, 2020 Continuing Reliable Services to our Communities and Neighbors

There is no doubt you’ve seen the devastating impact that the virus has had on the aviation industry, and Bering Air is not immune to this impact. While we have made some serious adjustments to our schedules, we are still able to promptly deliver all your mail and freight, as well as provide medevac and essential passenger service to our entire region.

You may have noticed we are now only scheduled once a day to most destinations. Extra sections are scheduled often when bulk shipments of groceries and other items need to be moved. Our pilots, mechanics, ground staff and full complement of aircraft remain ready and willing for all your travel needs, when that time comes once again.

Bering Air has been moving mail for the last 38 years, and the formula is simple. When we have a load of mail, it goes out on the scheduled flight. When we have more than a load of mail, we assign more airplanes or a larger airplane to get goods where they need to go. There will not be a shortage of lift capacity in our region. With our fleet, we can have more than 60,000 pounds of mail in the air at any given time!

Thanks to your patronage, we have been able to provide regular scheduled flights operated by a professional staff and an excellent fleet of aircraft. The bottom line is we are here for you. Like many other industries, we re in survival mode, but we are not going to pack our bags and leave town. We’re your friends. We’re your neighbors. We may not live in the same town, but we western Alaskans are a community. Together we will weather this storm, and Bering Air will continue to be your airline when the skies once again turn blue. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Stay safe and healthy,
Your Family at Bering Air

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