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Take Flight! How to Charter a Bering Air Helicopter

Looking to charter a flight to your remote site operation or go on an Alaskan flightseeing tour? Our helicopters serve multiple agencies, businesses and individuals each year. Here’s how you can charter a Bering Air helicopter for your next wilderness expedition. Remote Site Operations Alaska’s wilderness provides ample opportunities for field surveys and environmental studies…. Read more

A Quick Guide to Cargo Services

Bering Air’s cargo services are a great way to ship things that are too large for a standard passenger plane. Here’s a quick overview of our current cargo services, plus easy ways you can save on future freight. Move Oversized Items Bering Air offers a wide range of cargo services for large freight shipments starting… Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Flight Questions Answered

Have a burning question about flying with Bering Air? We’ve got you covered! Here are some great ways you can get your flight questions answered today. Get Instant Help Online Did you know? now offers a live chat feature, so you get answers and resolve problems faster with real-time assistance. It’s a convenient way… Read more

3 Website Navigation Tips for Bering Air Customers

Have questions about navigating the new Bering Air website? We get plenty of inquiries from customers every day. So to better serve you, we’ve pulled together some handy website navigation tips based on your most common queries. How to Book A Flight Are you confused about how to book a flight online? These easy steps… Read more

Get a Bird’s-Eye View of the 2016 Iditarod!

Iditarod is an annual competitive event that attracts onlookers from around the world. As the race wraps up, the population in Nome, Alaska nearly doubles in size. It’s a big deal to be there at the race finish, with hundreds of events to partake in and the chance to socialize with the sport’s greatest mushers… Read more

Cockpit Spotlight: 2015 Alaska Aviation Legends Award

Every year, the Alaska Air Carriers Association nominates pilots from around the state for their contributions to Alaskan aviation. Only a handful of people are selected to receive this prestigious award and be named one of Alaska’s Aviation Legends. We’re pleased to announce that founder and CEO Jim Rowe was honored with a 2015 Alaska… Read more

All About Bering Air’s Cessna Caravan Project

At Bering Air, our pledge is to operate a well-maintained fleet of aircraft with the best professionals in the industry, providing the customer with the safest and most reliable transportation network in our region of Alaska. That’s why we’re excited to share with you an ongoing project we launched earlier in 2015. About Our Caravan… Read more

10 Things You Can Do with Gold Points

Every month, we get requests for things like lower airfares or reduced excess baggage rates. That’s why we’ve added these awesome amenities to our Gold Points program. In fact, becoming a member is the best way to receive discounts, gift certificates, airline miles and more! Read on for 10 ways you can turn your points… Read more

5 Tips for Smooth Holiday & Winter Travel

Winter is fast approaching in Alaska, and ‘tis the season for holiday travel. Whether you’re traveling home to spend time with family or heading to the various events taking place in the villages, we want to make sure you arrive at your destination safely. Before you take flight, check out our five best tips for… Read more

4 Alaska Festivals to Wrap-Up 2015

Want a fun way to make use of your remaining 2015 PFD Coupons? Or do you have Gold Points you’re ready to redeem for roundtrip airfare? We’ve got you covered! It may seem like festivals and fairs only happy in Alaska from May to August. But there are actually plenty of goings on during the… Read more

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