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Russian Travel

Due to recent events, Russian Travel has been suspended until further notice.

In May 1988, a Bering Air aircraft lifted the 41-year-old “Ice Curtain” between Alaska and the Soviet Union, now known as Russia after the collapse in the early 90’s.  The historic flight and opening of the airways between western Alaska and the former Soviet Far East represented the fulfillment of a goal that had long existed in the thoughts of many Alaskans and Russians alike.

Opportunities abound for developing new friendships, reuniting separated families, and replacing years of misunderstanding with joint efforts and enterprise.  However, Chukotka – the region where Bering Air flies – is still considered to be a “closed” region within the Russian Federation. U.S. citizens and other nationals must have a valid passport, Russian visa and an official entry permission document signed by appropriate Russian/Chukotkan authorities. Visas are issued based upon an invitation from a person or corporation.

Russian Travel Desk, Bering Air, Inc.

P.O. Box 1650
Nome, Alaska 99762-1650 U.S.A.
Open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
Phone 907-443-8988
Fax 907-443-5919

We have worked with the Bering Air Russian Travel team for some years now and appreciate their efficient and friendly service. They are always prompt to respond to our requests and take great care of our passengers. The flights from Nome to Anadyr provide a valuable addition to our Russian Far East business and it is imperative that we can rely on this partnership.
Nathan Russ, Director of Operations,
Heritage Expeditions, New Zealand

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