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Gold Points Rewards Program

The Gold Points program is the best way to receive discounted or free tickets, discounted or free freight, receive various gift certificates, receive airline miles, travel worldwide.  Signing up for a Gold Points account requires a one time $10 fee per person; points do not expire. Earn 5 Gold Points every time you fly. Every 10 points earn 10% OFF or 50 lbs excess / freight.

Gold Points Online Tracking: Please call the Nome office 2-4 business days after paying for your membership to get your username and password. Thank you for choosing Bering Air!

I love to rack up those gold points, to use for future basketball travel throughout the region, and most importantly for emergency travel. Gold Points rack up fast, especially with the frequent travel I do. I love the gold points, keep them coming
-Hannah M. Katongan
Bering Air Gold Points program allowed our family an escape from a cold Nome winter. A local business that we are proud to support and give our business, in turn offers a program that gave back to us: our family of four was able to travel to Hawaii on the Gold Points reward program! Thank you Bering Air!
-The Culley Family:
Matt, Honie, Madison and Glazier
Having the gold points system, With the airfare prices so high in our area , it is nice to get something back from it, receiving 5 points per trip really does add up and really helps with our excess bags, freight, a free ticket or even a percentage off of our ticket. With our growing family it is very expensive to travel, and we really do appreciate the Gold Points! Igamsiqanaghhalek
-Thanks again, Jody, Naomi, Delilah,
Keira, Brett and Kade Madsen

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