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Bering Air is available for private passenger and cargo charters throughout Alaska. We can pick you up or drop you off at your chosen destinations. Bering Air has a large fleet of aircraft to meet your specific needs. Please Contact Us with your specific charter request and we will be happy to recommend the right aircraft for the job and provide a quote for services.

Beech 1900

Our twin-turbine powered Beech 1900 carries up to 19 passengers in climate-controlled comfort. A very capable aircraft, it can operate out of 3500’ gravel runways, climb to 25,000ft, and cross the state in a couple hours. On scheduled flights it’s operated as a “combi”, with 9 seats in front and room for baggage, freight, and mail in the back. Charter it to use all 19 seats.

king air

Beech King Air

Our twin-turbine powered Beech King Air carries up to 9 passengers in climate-controlled comfort. A very capable aircraft, it can operate out of 2000’ gravel runways, climb to 35,000ft, and cruise at 300mph. One is always ready to provide emergency medical evacuation services for the people of the Bering Straits region. Others are available for charter.

Cessna C208B EX Grand Caravan | Bering Air, Alaska

Cessna Caravan

With its versatile interior layout, the turbine-powered Cessna Caravan can comfortably carry 9 passengers or bulky freight in all weather conditions to most any airstrip in Alaska. We’ve been operating Caravans since 1995, however the fleet is continually refreshed with new aircraft offering the latest avionics and safety features available.


Cessna Sky Courier

The newest member of our fleet is a capable cargo hauler. The Sky Courier is equipped with a large left rear loading door and floor rollers to accommodate all shapes and sizes of freight and get your load efficiently to its destination. This brand new design was introduced to Alaska by Cessna and Bering Air in 2023.


CASA 212

The CASA 212 can fit large freight, small boats, snowmobiles, ATV’s, lumber, bulk fuel, and even small vehicles in through its rear loading door. The cargo area is 20’ long by 5’8” high by 5’11” wide. The CASA has been an excellent freight hauler for decades in Alaska and certainly a familiar sight at airports and exploration camps around the state.



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Bering Air has supported RSSI on many projects in Northern Alaska, their pilots, aircraft and support has been very professional and a pleasure to work with!
Dan DeLauder, President, Remote Site Services Incorporated

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