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March 25, 2020 Public Service Announcement: COVID-19 Travel Update

Bering Air is continuing to provide essential transportation and cargo service with a reduced schedule.  Booking for all flights will be conducted off-line for the time being.  More information about booking a flight is available at

Only essential travelers will be allowed on flights, in accordance with tribal authorities or the State of Alaska rules and guidance.

Essential travel on Bering Air routes to and from villages includes personnel needed for emergencies such as law enforcement, electricity, water, sewer and so forth.  If you are intending to travel to a village, please contact the local leadership in that village for approval.  We ask you have a Travel Authorization Letter from your employer or local community and appropriate identification.  Our customer service agents will be screening passengers when they arrive.

Bering Air is working to adapt to the Covid-19 threat.  We have implemented changes to our facilities and practices to slow the spread of the virus, especially to village and remote work camps.  You can expect us to screen you at our facilities before boarding outbound flights.  We are limiting the numbers of people congregating in our waiting rooms.  When departing on a flight, we ask that only booked passengers remain in our customer service area.  We have rearranged our seating area to help you maintain social separation between you and your fellow passengers.  The coffee pots have been removed, and facilities and aircraft are receiving extra cleaning.  When you arrive on a flight, please do not congregate.  We will deliver your bags to you as they arrive.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

DHSS Health Alert 009

Contact us by phone to book a flight or manage your travel: or email us at


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