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Gambell, AK | Bering AirBering Air operates daily passenger and cargo flights to the village of Gambell.

Population: 665

Location: On the Northwest Cape, St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea, 200 miles west of Nome.

Maritime, shifting with freezing sea ice in the wintertime. Wind, fog are common, precipitation occurring throughout the bulk of the year. Precipitation is light with an annual average of roughly 15 inches. Average snowfall is 80 inches. Temperatures range from 0 degrees F to 10 degrees in the wintertime, summer temperatures 34 degrees to 48 degrees.

Visitor Facilities:
Visitors or tour groups should call in advance to Sivuqaq, Inc. to make arrangements before coming to Gambell. Sivuqaq, Inc. (907)985-5826. Laundry facilities are available, no banking services. Groceries, hunting, fishing and other supplies are available through the Gambell Native Store. It is important to note that visitors to Gambell and Savoonga wishing to leave the city limits are required to fill out a land crossing permit which includes a one time fee of either $50 or $100. Please call the Sivuqaq Inc. office for more details. Alaska Village Tours has this fee built into the package tour cost.  Please call ahead or check with your travel agent about paying this fee.  The Island is private property.

: City of Gambell, Box 189, Gambell, AK 99742. (907)985-5112

Village Agent: Mary Ungott (907)985-2266 (Mon-Fri)
Hilary Ungott (907)744-5212 (Sat & Sun)

For reservations, call (907)443-5464 or 1-800-478-5422

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