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Point Hope

Bering Air operates regular cargo and passenger flights to and from Point Hope.

Population: 900

Location: On a triangular foreland which juts into the Chukchi Sea, 275 miles north of Nome.

Temperatures cool year-round, but much less severe than places further north.

Visitor Facilities:
Restaurant, lodging, and laundry services available. Groceries and supplies available at the village store. The Native store will cash checks, but there are no other banking services available.

City of Point Hope, P.O. Box 169, Point Hope, AK 99766. (907)368-2537

Village Agent: Pt. Hope Native Store (907)368-8000
PHO Agent Cell Phone (907)368-1444

For reservations, call 1-800-478-3943 or (907)442-3943

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