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Koyuk, AK | Bering AirBering Air operates daily passenger and cargo flights to the village of Koyuk.

Population: 279

Location: At the mouth of the Koyuk River, at the northeastern end of Norton Bay on the Seward Penninsula, 90 air miles northeast of Nome.

Subarctic climate with a maritime influence. Average summertime temperatures range from 46 to 62 degrees F. Winter temperatures range from -8 to 8 degrees.

Visitor Facilities:
No hotel, banking, or restaurant. Koyuk Native Corporation has one apartment for lodging (907)963-2424.
Washeteria available. Groceries and supplies available at the Beluga Store (907)963-3551 and at the Koyuk Native Store.

City of Koyuk, P.O. Box 29, Koyuk, Alaska 99753. (907)963-3441

Village Agent: Mala Otton (907)964-1280

For reservations, call (907)443-5464 or 1-800-478-5422

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