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Golovin, AK | Bering AirBering Air operates daily passenger and cargo flights to the village of Golovin.

Population: 156

Location: On a point of land near Golovin Bay on the Seward Peninsula,
70 miles east of Nome.

Marine climate during the summer, when the sea is ice-free. Summer temperatures range from 40 to 60 degrees F.
Winter temperatures range from -2 degrees to 19.
Average annual precipitation is 10 inches.

Visitor Facilities:
No hotel, restaurant, or banking services. Laundromat available. Visit Chinik Eskimo Store.

City of Golovin, P.O. Box 62059, Golovin, AK, 99762. (907)779-3211
Golovin Native Corporation, General Delivery, Golovin, AK 99762. (907)779-3251
Chinik Eskimo Community. (907)779-2214 (this is the local IRA office)

Village Agent: Bernice Brown (907)779-2320 (For 1st-15th of the month)
Donna Katchatag (907)779-5676 (For 16th-30th of the month)

For reservations, call (907)443-5464 or 1-800-478-5422

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